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I absolutely enjoy Paul's disco dance classes and have learned a lot about dance from Paul in his popular and fun filled enjoyable classes every week. Butch Evans

Really enjoyable way to get more exercise. Lots of patience on offer for the unco-ordinated amongst us and easy to learn routines that make dancing fun. Linda Watson

Paul is a very patient teacher.He is extremely kind and has a great sense of humour, which is much needed in my case. If you are thinking of trying a dance class at all I would throughly recommend this one. CE

Love the disco dance class - relaxed, good fun and a great way to keep fit. Nat Moore

Very patient teacher. I am starting as a complete beginner and Paul is extremely tolerant. He has a very good sense of humour too. Much needed with the class I am in. Would recommend. Christine

Paul is a very patient teacher and has been very encouraging at our attempts at Ballroom and Latin American. To quote my husband "He know his stuff".BJ

Paul's class is great fun. All the kid's seem to love it and they're learning on average two routines per class! It's drop in too which is great! Julie W.

I highly recommend these dance classes. Paul's been very patient but passionate and dedicated to his ballroom teaching. I felt absolutely at ease with him although in the beginning I got annoyed with myself. However with Paul's help I ended up dancing quite satisfactory. Now I'm enthusiastic and hope I'll advance quickly. Paul charges very reasonable prices. Guy's why don't you put your dancing shoes on and join Paul's dance classes. If I could manage, you could manage. Danni.

I hear your classes are amazing. Ma Anne.

Paul Sandwell is the dance master! No one can fill the floor like he can! Mary Sutcliffe

The original whirling dervish. Martin Cannon

Anyone else remember that guy that was on the dancefloor before anyone else , doing this kind of super dynamic swirly modern interpretive dance completely owning the entire dancefloor? He was pretty awesome. Grant Birch