Wimbledon disco dance classes for adults are located close to Southfields, Earlsfield and Tooting. This 70s style disco dancing class based in South West London can also be reached from areas such as Morden, New Malden, Sutton, Mitcham, Putney and Roehampton.

Disco dance Wimbledon classes will feature classical and new routines including club routines. Wimbledon disco dance class is suitable for all levels so why not come along to Wimbledon Disco Dance Class and enjoy a fun boogie workout.

Wimbledon disco dance class the place to be on a Tuesday evening. The Wimbledon Park hall is conveniently near to North Earlsfield and Southfields Grid.

Disco dancing originated in the 1970's and really began to boom with the advent of the film Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta and Karen Gorney. Disco dance classes sprung up all over London with several in Wimbledon and others at Streatham and Kingston. Travolta style fever gripped the country and dance schools were full of people wanting to try the new moves. After a few years dance teachers began to devise new dances and the style underwent a rapid evolution until it became the modern form known as freestyle dance. Kingston Dance Studio was a major centre of competitive disco dancing.

London dance class the site for definitive dancing for those living in adjacent areas such as Morden, Roehampton, Croydon, Putney disco dance class, Southfields, Tooting, Mitcham, Sutton, Carshalton and Earlsfield. 70s style dancing for all. Saturday Night Fever dance classes. John Travolta dancing class. The venues are all located in South West London. Disco is a great dance form for all ages from toddlers to grannies. The disco pulse is irresistible so come to our South West London disco classes and dance your socks off. For me disco makes me happy every time and I hope it makes you happy too whever you visit from in South West London.

The location of my London disco dance class / disco dance classes is close to Tooting, Colliers Wood, Morden, New Malden, Mitcham, Southfields, Earlsfield and Putney. Why not come and try some new steps in a fun Saturday Night Fever style dance class. The 57 bus route covers Colliers Wood, Tooting, New Malden. The 93 bus route covers Morden and Putney disco dance class including Putney Hill. Bus Route 493 includes Richmond, Roehampton, Southfields, Tibbet's Corner, Blackshaw Road; 131 Bus covers Kingston, Norbiton, New Malden, Colliers Wood, Merton Abbey; 200 Bus route runs from Mitcham and Mitcham Green to Colliers Wood, Merton Abbey, Wimbledon Village, Raynes Park; the 156 bus covers Southfields high street, Clapham Junction; Wandsworth and Clapham Junction; 163 bus route from Morden through Raynes Park. The District Line tube line runs through Earlsfield, Southfields and Putney. The Northern Lineruns through Morden, Tooting, Colliers Wood and Balham. Croydon Tramlink from East and West Croydon. National Rail from Clapham Junction, Wandsworth , Earlsfield, Raynes Park, New Malden, Motspur Park. Learn the disco moves. Disco learn freestyle dance moves for begiiners etc.

80's dancing classes London. As new dance routines were created they took on the flavour of the 1980's so disco really became 80's dancing with a faster pace, increased energy and 80's dance flair. Likewise during the 90's dance classes took on the character of that decade. Classic 70's and 80's disco London. The 80's are back with 80s London dancing class. . 70's 80's classic pop and funk. 70's night, 80's night, 90's night. Funk dance classes London.

@ London dance class. The London dance class website is hosted on an Apache server. Garratt Lane disco dance class. London dancing class school the place to learn cool moves.


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South London disco club dance Saturday Night Fever dance class

Adult Disco dancing classes at St Luke's Church, Ryfold Road, Wimbledon Park, London, SW19 8BZ with Paul. All classes are now in the large hall.

Tuesday Disco Class 19.00-20.00.

All classes £10 per hour, drop-in and weekly. Please enter the hall from the side of the church in Strathmore Road.

Classes open as normal.

This class is on every week unless otherwise stated here. Dance to great music from the 70's upwards.

Please note the hall have asked us to wear indoor footwear such as plimsolls, dance shoes, trainers etc for all dance classes.

Private lessons available.

Contact me at paulsandwell@yahoo.co.uk





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