Swing dance classes for Southfields West Coast Swing also Earlsfield swing dance classes. Other areas Putney swing dance, Wandsworth swing dancing classes, Wimbledon Swing dance classes SW19 Merton. SW18 swing dances classes lindy hop, balboa, shag, east coast swing, west coast swing dancing dance classes.
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Wimbledon School of Freestyle Dance and Ballroom was established in 2017. Our swing classes are fun and are aimed at the moment at people who have not danced before or have a little experience of swing dancing. Our Wimbledon Park west coast swing classes currently attract swing dance dance students from Southfields, Earlsfield, Wimbledon, Tooting, Wandsworth and Morden. Wimbledon School of Freestyle Dance and Ballroom also teaches swing dance styles such as lindy hop, shag, east coast swing, west coast swing, charleston lindy, balboa.


New Swing classes for absolute beginners every Wednesday, St Luke's Church Hall, Wimbledon Park. 8-9 pm. . These will be weekly, drop in and £10 per session per person. At the moment we are learning East Coast Swing. More details: paulsandwell@yahoo.co.uk

Classes open as normal.

The aim is to eventually learn other swing styles such as Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, Lindy, Boogie Woogie, Shag and Rock n Roll.

More Details: paulsandwell@yahoo.co.uk

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