Wimbledon hip hop dance classes are intended to teach a variety of styles. Wimbledon hip hop dance will teach you styles including lyrical hip hop, popping, elements of break dance. Wimbledon street dance class also has elements of locking, krumping and house dance. So why not try some Wimbledon street dance classes and learn the fundamentals of street dance.Wimbledon street dance classes offer street dance classes for both adults and children in South West London. Southfields Street Dance classes near to North Earlsfield and Southfields Grid.
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There will be two new classes opening sometime after the coronovirus restrictions are lifted. One will be old skool street dance for adults and the other will be urban commercial fusion with a more modern street jazz type style for adults.





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Street dance classes are held at Wimbledon Park close to North Earlsfield, Earlsfield Grid and Southfields. which are ideal for public transport from locations such as Tooting, Tooting Broadway, Tooting Bec, Putney, Putney Heath, East Putney, Southfields, Morden,

Street dance or using its other name Street Jazz is a style which originated in Los Angelos and rapidly spread to New York and the East Coast. Street jazz is a continually evolving art form and there are exciting new fusion forms emerging. Wimbledon street jazz class tries to merge Old School and New School forms. Street jazz classes are now held all over the world and each region exerts its own 'flavor' into the street jazz mix. London is a rich melting pot for many of these styles which are brough by immigrants from all parts of the world. Amazingly it is almost fifty years since the first stirrings of street jazz with the emergence of body popping, break dance and locking. Later emergent forms of street jazz were krumping, house dance, vogueing, liquid dance, robotics, strobing, tutting, King Tut style, jazz funk and much more.

The South West London street dance classes can be reached by 93 bus from Morden, Putney Hill, or Putney, or by District Line from Southfields, Earlsfield, East Putney or Putney Bridge. 131 from New Malden, Raynes Park, Colliers Wood, Merton Abbey; for great street dance classes; . 164 from Sutton or Carshalton; 200 Bus from Mitcham and Mitcham Green to Colliers Wood, Merton Abbey, Wimbledon Village and Raynes Park; 493 bus route from Richmond through Roehampton; Route 57 Bus from Kingston, Norbiton, New Malden, Raynes Park, Colliers Wood, Tooting, Tooting Broadway;. National rail train from Motspur Park, Raynes |Park, Clapham Junction, Earlsfield, New Malden, Morden, Mitcham Eastfields or Raynes Park. Tram from West Croydon, or East Croydon via Mitcham. Street dance class is near to you at St Winefride's Hall at Wimbledon.

Street Dance is so named because it started on the streets of L.A. and New York. One of the early forms was breaking which has steps with names such as the six step, crazy commando, flares, windmill, back spin and kick-out. Locking was a style which originated with Don Campbell. Popping originated from Fresno in California. Its founders were members of the famouse dance crew the Electric Boogalous which included Popping Pete. Mr Wiggles is a prominent exponent of poping today and teaches street dance classes all over the world.

House dance developed both in the USA and France. It is a fast form of street dance. Krumping developed in the USA in the 1990's. Lyrical hip hop is a recent addition to the street dance family. Hip Hop is sometimes a label giving to what is described as 'social dance' the type of dance danced in houses and involving popular social moves such as Snoopy. Liquid dancing originated from the use of glowsticks in dance clubs and involves circuling arm/hand movements such as the 'flower', 'figure of eight' etc. Waving involves the snake-like movement of the body curving sideways, forwards. Arm waving involved the arms making a wave-like movement from joint to joint starting from the finger tips. Strobing is another style named because it looks like the dancer is dancing in an environment with strobe lighting.

My street dance class hip hop dancing class in Wimbledon is a great place to learn so visit me in Wimbledon soon or at London dancing class co uk..

New Malden, Sutton, Earlsfield, Wandsworth, Wandsworth Common, Motspur Park and Raynes Park, Raynes Park West street dance classes in London South West.. Ten minutes walk from Southfields Station.

Street dance classes make you fit and happy. I am a street dance teacher specialising in various street dance styles in my hip hop dance classes.

Colliers Wood street dance class Roehampton street dance class. Earlsfield street dance class. Putneystreet dance class. Southfields street dance class for the best street dance experience. Hip hop dance classes.

The hall used for classes is near to Wimbledon Leisure centre and spa gymn in Latimer Road run by Merton Council. Bushey Mead street dance class. Garratt Lane Street dance class.

My children's street dance class is close to Colliers Wood. Colliers Wood street dance class. SW17 Street dance class.


The hall in Bridges Road is close to Wimbledon YMCA. If you walk past Wimbledon Theatre towards the dance class and then past Wimbledon YMCA dance class is then about a three minute walk. Continue past Wimbledon YMCA and walk beyond Holy Trinity Church. It is then the first turning on the left. Dance is a great leisure activity.